Builders Best Landscape, LLC


Here are some frequently asked questions about your landscape.


How frequently do I need to water my landscape?
To know how to frequently you should water your lawn, there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. You have to stay within the water restrictions. For more tips on that visit Builders Tips.
  2. Adjust your water schedule based on how your lawn looks

           -if the blades of grass curl in to each other your lawn is under-watered

                -you need to water longer per zone OR  more frequently

          - it is better to water deeply more frequently than lightly. that is to say let the water soak into the roots more                           frequently

Do you have any tips on taking care of my lawn?

 Our friends at OB Sod have some great tips on lawncare. Visit them at

How do I take care of my new trees/plants? 

Our friends at Treemart have some great tips on tree care. Visit them at 

How much would it cost for a landscape design?

For a landscape consultation, we would have our designer come out to your location for $50/hr and have a consultation with you. If you choose to use us for your landscape that fee would go towards your installation. Feel free to contact us.