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Irrigation Troubleshooting

Irrigation Not Running

Rain Sensor Override

One of the most common problems that could  cause your irrigation system to not work is the rain sensor overriding the system. The solution to the problem is on page 23 of the Hunter X-Core Handbook.

Flashing Umbrella

The sensor is interrupting irrigation, however the station has been programmed to override the sensor. Check the sensor override status.

length of run-time per zone is set to (0) zero

Another reason the irrigation system may not run is because the run time is set to 0 (zero) minutes. The solution to this problem is  on page 18 of the Hunter X-Core Handbook.

Multiple programs are set

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Multiple Start times are set

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Backflow is turned off

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Reset after a power outage

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Setting the clock time on the irrigation time

​1.Turn the dial to the "Current Time/Day" position

2. Use the + and - keys to change the part of the date that is flashing (year, month, hour, min, am/pm/24)

3. Use the right pointing arrow button to switch to the next part of the date / time 
4. Turn the dial back to where you started

Alternatively you can look at pg. 17 of the Hunter X-Core Handbook